Family Sessions

Urban Vacation Shoot – Chelsea Family Photographer

I’ve got to tell you, I’m pretty excited about sharing this session. Rita got in touch because she wanted a family photo session in London, though she didn’t want any of the tourist sites featuring in the shoots. She asked me for some suggestions and... read more

Beckenham Family Photographer

Antonella turned 1 recently and her parents Wen and Juan invited me around to capture some relaxed family photos. When I arrived at their home Antonella was still sleeping, so I had a lovely cup of tea with them and their visitors. Juan’s parents were visiting from Argentina so I got to show off my Spanish speaking skills (which are entirely non existent, but I get points for trying!)

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Golden Wedding Anniversary Portrait Session

Italian born Londoner Silvia booked a session with me back in January. Her parents and sister were visiting from Italy and Silvia wanted to capture some photographs of them. It’s her parents Carlo and Laura’s Golden Wedding anniversary soon and she wanted to present them with a really special portrait. Along with that they thought it would be nice to have some more relaxed shots of them having a stroll through their favourite London Park.

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Holiday Photo Session – London Photographer

This lovely family session happened back in October! Where is the time going?

Colin booked this session with me as he and his family were travelling to London. He came from Chicago, his parents came from Cleveland and his sister and her family travelled from Melbourne. It was first time Grandma met her Aussie born grand-daughter and the first time the cousins met too.

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Clapham and Wandsworth Family Portrait Photographer

November is a great time to have you family photo session, though you need to make sure to wrap up warm, you cannot beat the light and the autumnal colour in London at this time of year. It’s also a great time of year to get those photos ready for your Christmas card. Sophia showed off her cute reindeer jumper for this years family cards. Not even the cute polar bear could outshine her, though as as pair they might just tip the scale of cuteness.

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Hyde Park Corner Photography Session

A Spanish family in London, in an apartment that oozed the most beautiful natural light. Across the road from Hyde Park, the perfect location for nipping out and grabbing the last rays of sunshine. Make me feel all warm inside looking back at these! Especially as we’re expecting snow tomorrow.

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Family portrait session in Shepherd’s Bush, West London

I travelled to Sheperd’s Bush to meet them all and get some lovely portraits before Brittany flew back. Some of my favourite photos of year came rom this short shoot, I love this first one. Conrad’s cheeky expression is EVERYTHING! Then the one of Brenna laughing makes me smile every time I see it.

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A year of Family Photography in London

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Carshalton, Surrey Family Photography Session

Back in 2013 I visited Siu and Kevin at their apartment near Canary Wharf, their little boy Chi Wing was nearly 10 month old at the time. I remember them well as it was my absolute favourite session at the time, I loved the images that we got from that first session so much! Chi Wing was a very happy smiley baby and nearly 4 years later he has not changed, still the happy smiley little guy that I remember.

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Putney Family Photography – portrait session at home

I love getting to explore different parts of London, you’d think I’ve have seen it all having lived here for 17 years! but one area of London I have not explored yet is the Thames pathway in Putney. Lovely riverside walk for those of you looking for family things to do along the Thames.

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Texan Family Holiday Photos – London Photographer

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Family Photographer in Greenwich

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London Family Photography – Autumn Islington shoot

Valeria invited me along to her home near Hyde Park to capture her lovely family. The baby of the family, Allegra is a very lucky girl indeed. She has an older brother and sister that absolutely dote on her! She adores the both of them… they are both away at school so every second spent together is precious.

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Greenwich Family Photographer

Officially, my most photographed family! This was the 6th shoot with them.

I love seeing this lot each year, the girls are growing into stunning, charismatic little ladies with personalities to match. As you would expect for sisters close in age… they are completely different!!

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South London Family Portrait Photographer

I’m trying to catch up on myself after the most hectic spring and summer. This is a shoot from earlier in the year that I never got round to blogging! Yin and Doug invited me into their gorgeous home in Tooting to capture some relaxed family portraits. The pleasure was all mine.

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A relaxed family newborn photo session in South Kensington

As a new parent, it can be easy to put these sessions off, maybe because there will be a better time sometime soon. There won’t be. Time flies, even when you’re getting no sleep! Your newborn baby will never be this small again. They’ll grow out of the sleepy smiles, the look of complete satisfaction after a feed, the sibling cuddles that are probably a bit too squeezy… it all goes. These stages move into something else, something equally as special but different all the same.

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Family Maternity Session in South Kensington

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Greenwich Photographer – Family Portrait Session

We arrived in Greenwich Park just as the rain started. Not a huge problem, we took the opportunity to grab a coffee in The Pavilion Cafe and get to know each a bit. The rain didn’t last long, so as soon as we could, we nipped out to the flower garden and got stuck in to the shoot.

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Family Portrait Photographer – London

Kural and his wife Gemma create beautiful children! Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself below. The proof is in this stunning gallery of family photos, taken in their home in Islington, London.

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Newborn Twins – London Lifestyle photographer

Newborns. There’s something special about them. Newborn twins? Even more so. Neil and Katie welcomed theirs into the world 5 weeks ago and their lives have changed forever. These two tiny, gorgeous little people have made them a family of four.

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South London Family Portraits

Nicola got in touch with me to book a beginners photography course for her husband Gareth. A fantastic wildlife and landscape photographer he just needed a few tips on how how to take great portraits. A great time to do it as they were expecting their second child a few weeks later. Of course, Gareth can take lots of photos of his family but it’s important he’s in them too! so they invited me back to capture they’re new family of four.

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Greenwich Family Photo Session – Competition Winners!

“Thank you so much for the absolutely stunning photos! We are so pleased with them. You have captured this moment in our little family’s life and our time in Greenwich perfectly and we will treasure the pictures. We are very grateful to you and feel very lucky to have won the prize, we will certainly recommend you to our friends and family” -Matthew

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Chelsea Family Photo Session – London Photographer

Georgiana invited me to her home in Chelsea to photograph her beautiful family. Big sister Olympia had great fun playing with Mum and Dad and cuddling her newborn sister Theodora. It was a real pleasure spending time with these guys and both girls are so perfectly natural in front of the camera. Mum and Dad did great too!

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Fathers Day – London Portrait Photographer

Forget the last minute mug or socks this Fathers Day and get the Dad in your life something meaningful. Something he will want to hold on to forever. Book a family session with me and I will send a lovely gift card to you all ready to present to him on Fathers Day, 19th June.

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Hannah’s 21st Birthday Party

Hannah invited me along to photograph her 21st birthday party and it was a blast! Her friends and family know how to have a good time. Hannah was born 3 months premature and lives with a congenital heart disease.

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Chelsea Family Photographer

A beautiful family family in Chelsea had their photo taken by me a few weeks ago. It was a lot of fun and I am over the moon with the results. Two gorgeous sisters and their new baby brother took centre stage not his shoot and they were brilliant. I love this type of shoot, relaxed and just the family being themselves… very little direction, just me following there with a camera and having fun with them.

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Newborn family photo session in Dulwich

I visited Danielle and her husband Jon at their home in Dulwich. Her work colleagues gifted them a voucher for a family session with me as a gift for their newborn baby. Mia was 7 weeks old on the day of the shoot and she was positively angelic.

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Newborn lifestyle photography

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Preview: Her name was Lola

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Greenwich Family Portrait Session

Katie’s mum bought her a family portrait session gift voucher for Christmas. Great timing as they’ve put their house on the market and wanted to get some shots of them in their old home. This is such a great idea.

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Family Portrait Photographer in Limehouse, East London

Oliver greeted me warmly whilst he was having a snack. He showed me around his room and then back into the living room where he showed me his ninja puzzle skills. Having the usual chat with Mum and Dad whilst photographing away I found out that they’re both super musical. I found out how talented they were later in the session.

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Newborn Family Portrait Session – London

Here are some photos from a recent newborn family portrait session in London. I love the relaxed feel to them. I prefer to take photos of the family unit at home. A photo session with me is much like a friend popping round, though not one that hogs the baby snuggles, I leave all those to you. I’m not afraid to make a cup of tea for you and fully expect you put your feet up whilst I work around you.

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Freja – Greenwich Family Photographer

My second session with Freja and her parents and oh my has she grown into a proper little cutie pie! I’m so pleased to bring to the blog these gorgeous pictures of Freja on her 1st birthday. When we arrived at the park she having a mid-miring snooze in her pram. All tucked up nice and cosy.

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Preview – East London family photo session

This corker of a session will be hitting the blog soon. It involves spontaneous and insanely talented jamming parents, the James Bond theme tune (wish you could have heard it) and a 2 year old that seems to have the innate ability to strum his Daddy’s guitar on... read more

Bo&Bel – Business Lifestyle Photography London

Vikki is a mum and a business owner. She runs Bo&Bel, a contemporary teething jewellery boutique. She wanted some relaxed lifestyle photos of her jewellery in action, on Mums doing what they do everyday. Here’s a sneak peek from the first session with... read more

Preview: Freja

The second photo session with lovely Freja and her parents went as well as the first. A whizz round the park then catching up with a bit of culture in the Maritime Museum. The full blog post will be up soon. It’s a good... read more

Family Photography in Charlton Park, South East London

Emma contacted me after finding me on Facebook. We’re both members of the local ‘mums group’ on there. We booked a day in the diary and hoped for good weather. Luckly it was a perfect day for pictures and Ted was in great form… though something... read more

Family Photoshoot in London

Grainee contacted me as she wanted photos of your beautiful little family in their home…and what a beautiful family they are. Their home is pretty cool too! They live an awesome house… the bathroom has amazing folding doors and the best bath I’ve... read more

Family Photo Shoot London {Greenwich Photographer}

Kelley, Mike and their daughter Hayley star in this blog post! They were so much fun and we had an absolute blast wandering the streets of Greenwich during this photo session. They were planning on travelling for a few months and then moving back to New Zealand so... read more

Teen girl shoot {Family Photographer London}

Maxine got in touch with me as she wanted to purchase a photo session for her daughter who was turning 18. This is a little different to what I usually do and it was a lot of fun! The girls were getting ready when I arrived and once they were looking glamorous we... read more