Beach Family Photographer in Kent

Kent Beach Family Photographer

I met Sean over a year ago, we both attended a photography workshop in Norwich and kept in touch afterwards. In fact the whole group did and we’ve met up a few times since. Sean is an amazing wildlife and wedding photographer, of course he has many, many gorgeous pictures of his daughter and wife though not many with him in! This is a common thing for us photographers, and not just the professionals, I’m sure within your family there’s one person that is always taking the pictures. When you’re that person, you don’t mind because you love taking photos but you soon come to realise that if you’re ever going to be in the photo yourself you’ll have to ask! That’s exactly what Sean has done, he asked me to take some family photos. I was honoured and a bit terrified I must admit.

I shouldn’t have worried at all, it was just like hanging out with good friends for the day and all he was worried about was being in the picture for a change. I met them at their home in Sittingbourne where we got a few shots in before setting off to Botany Bay. The sun was splitting the trees! It was challenging because it was so incredibly sunny but I wouldn’t have had it any other way – it was perfect for a beach shoot. Slightly less wind would have been welcomed but it made it fun!

There was sand everywhere, windswept hair and very wet feet (we’ll say no more Sean), but choosing to have a beach family photo session meant we got some stunning photos that these guys will treasure forever. I conscious that that phrase can seem over used within the family photography industry but they truly will be around forever and when Sienna groups up they’ll mean the world to her.

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