Meet baby Hugo. I visited him a few days after his came into the world. The sweetest, calmest baby boy who already seems to thrive surrounded by the energy of his two big brothers. Some of my favourite newborn photos are included in this set. They are natural, relaxed and honest perfection.

A relaxed family newborn photo session in South Kensington

As a new parent, it can be easy to put these sessions off, maybe because there will be a better time sometime soon. There won’t be. Time flies, even when you’re getting no sleep! Your newborn baby will never be this small again. They’ll grow out of the sleepy smiles, the look of complete satisfaction after a feed, the sibling cuddles that are probably a bit too squeezy… it all goes. These stages move into something else, something equally as special but different all the same.

If you’ve arrived here and have not seen the maternity shoot you can view it here

If you’d like to book a newborn session please get in touch during your pregnancy, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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