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Engagement shoot, pre-wedding session, couples photography … call what you like it’s all the same thing! Some people have never heard of any of them. So they wonder why they might be of importance before their wedding. Maybe you guys are not hugely comfortable with having a camera pointed at you, in fact you find it a bit intimidating. So why on earth would you want to book more time doing something you’re sure you’d hate? I hear you.

“We’re terrible in front of the camera” (if I had a pound for every time I heard this!)

Face your fears. Don’t leave it till your wedding day to see what happens. Engagement photos are your chance to review what works for you and what doesn’t in terms of posing and the way you look in the photos. What youre comdortable with and what you want to avoid, practice makes perfect! Wedding day nerves are hard enough so settling some them before the big day can only be good thing.

Engagement sessions start at £259. If you’ve not popped the questions yet then maybe you’d be interested in a Proposal Shoot?

Gay Wedding Photographer Kent Gay Wedding Photographer Kent Gay Wedding Photographer Kent  Gay Wedding Photographer Kent


“We’re so busy planning a wedding, we don’t have time!” 


It’s two hours! A drop in the ocean really. Using it as a time to reconnect and remember why you’re deciding to spend the rest of your lives together is probably the best way to look at it. It’s one part of the wedding planning that you can just relax and enjoy. No pressures, just a bit of fun and larking about.


Gay Wedding Photographer Kent Gay Wedding Photographer Kent


“It was like having an old friend there” 

It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to get to know you both a lot better, and you me. Having time to crack a few jokes with you here and there means you’ll have a real tatse for how I work on your wedding day. Knowing you a bit better will help me get right ot the crux of your connection on the day. We’ll nail the photos even faster and you’ll be back with your guests in no time.


Iconic London Couple ShootIconic London Couple Shoot Iconic London Couple Shoot


Save the Date / Wedding Decor sorted

Invitations and signing frames, wedding programes, guest books… the list goes on. It’s surprising the amount of uses you can find for a nice photo of the two of you!

Iconic London Southbank Couple Shoot

Iconic London Couple Shoot Tower Bridge London Couple Shoot Big Ben London Couple Shoot


These photos aren’t for today.

Let’s be honest and tad cheesy if you’ll allow me. We can call it a test shoot for the big day, fine. Though in reality these photos will be visited again and again. The beautiful, historic time of your life for all your generations to see where they came, and the love they came from, too.


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Brighton Beach Engagement Photo Shoot

Couple Beach Photo Session

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