Short of photographing you on your first date (although I’m game if you are!), Proposal Photography is really where it all begins in your wedding planning journey. When one of you has the courage to propose what better way to remember the momentous occasion than to have a photographer there to capture the honest reactions of your loved one. I LOVE photographing surprise proposals. There’s nothing more exciting than hanging around a park, whilst the two of you walk by me, one of you none the wiser that I’m actually there to photograph that special question that is about to be popped! The other of you looking suitably nervous and excited… I’ve perfected my blending in with tourists/locals and being discreet in the moments before. No one suspects a thing!

For the one doing the proposing it can be a lonely journey. Buying the ring, deciding how to do it and where and what to say. My advice is to not overthink it. Keep it simple and sincere. Once you’ve decided on the location, I’ll meet you and we’ll do a walk through so we both know positions and backgrounds and nothing is left to chance. I’m there for you from the moment you decide you’re going for it. I’ll help with ideas like locations, times and even suggestions for videographers or other vendors you might like to get involved.

Proposal shoots start at £159. Get in touch if you’d like to book me or view full proposal sessions here…

Greenwich park marriage proposal ideas      Greenwich park marriage proposal ideas

Greenwich Park Proposal proposing in London


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