This was the fourth session with Tracy and Leila and it was amazing to see how much she’s changed. The colours are just stunning as I’m sure you’ll agree. Spring is my favourite time of year to take family photographs, right after Autumn. Truth be told, I love all the seasons. We’re so lucky to live in a country that brings such variety in out surroundings.

Booking a family portrait session is one of the things that’s easy to put off until the ‘time is right’. The things is, the time is right now! Yes you have millions of photos of your kids on your phone or even on your camera but how many are you in that are not selfies? My guess is not enough. Make it happen, not just for you but for you children. Don’t underestimate how important those photos will be to you children in years to come.

So why not make a change, embrace and start to love photos of yourself, you won;t be sorry!

If you’d like me to take your family photos then get in touch, as a Blackheath child portrait photographer I’d love nothing more than to hear from you


child portrait photographer London

family portrait photographer London

Blackheath Child Portrait Photographer

child portrait photographer London