Nicola found me on Facebook. She’s a fellow photographer and booked one of my Mothers Day Mini Sessions. We had planned to meet in Greenwich Park… the day we planned to meet there? The same day as the London Marathon!! Having thought about it, it would have been a logistical nightmare trying to navigate Greenwich that day so we decided on another part of London. Away from from the runners and spectators!

We agreed on Camden Town. Yes, it was an ambitious one. Given it was a Sunday and as we all know Camden Town is always rammed with tourists on a Sunday! We didn’t let that stop us though… as you’ll see we got quite a few lovely snaps of them in London. It was a long day for the Streader family though as they came all the way up from Southampton for the shoot and they even managed to hit the big toy shops afterwards!

It was lovely to meet Nicola and her family, here are some of the shots we got from the day. Completely different to what I usually do but so much fun!

Camden Town Family Photography 2014-04-22_00022014-04-22_00032014-04-22_00042014-04-22_00052014-04-22_00062014-04-22_00072014-04-22_0008