Evelina and Marc got married in the most stunning venue in central London, the Institute of Directors. Everything came together for them on the day, even events that were not planned added to the excitement and made the day even more special. The London Rathayatra added a unique experience on the day dancing, traditional drums and lots of traffic!  Then the SupercarSunday meet up on Pall Mall provided entertainment… loud music and lots of engine revving! Not only that but the Romanian contingent were super fun and provided lots of laughs during the whole day.

Institute of Directors Wedding

The venue was amazing, a Grade-I listed building built in 1828. Perfectly English and magnificent. George IV donated a 15ft regency chandelier that still hangs there today.  It suited Evelina and Marc’s day perfectly. Very stylish and elegant. After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed canapés and some group shots in the garden. The meal and speeches followed, making sure everyone was suitable fed and watered for the hours of dancing to follow. I stole the bride and groom away for a few minutes to get some portraits of just them. A few minutes for them to get away form it all and reflect on what just happened… they became husband and wife!

Here are a selection of my favourites, I hope you enjoy them!

London Wedding Photographer

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Andrea Whelan Wedding Photography

Andrea Whelan Photography

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