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Evening light in Greenwich Park – London family photography

It was a beautifully warm Spring afternoon when I met Debbie and her children in Greenwich Park, perfect for a family photo session. The blossom was hanging on and the late afternoon light was just stunning. It was made all the better having two gorgeous children and their gorgeous Mummy to photograph. Leia and her younger brother Casper brought an amazing energy to the session that resulted in some stunning outdoor family photos. The dynamic between these siblings and their Mother was just beautiful. As the sun went down, it meant we got a variety of photos with different lighting…going from light and airy to deep and intense.

Using Greenwich Park as a backdrop we wandered round looking for monsters and all sorts! I love embracing and encouraging children’s imaginations on a shoot, it makes for a lot of unpredictable fun. In the meantime they forget that I’m there to photograph them, making it a breeze to capture those genuine smiles and expressions.

Using iconic places such as Greenwich Park with it’s blossom trees and the Rangers House in the background is important to me. I love incorporating the environment into my family lifestyle portraiture, the places we visit as children are the backdrop to our memories to whats better than to have photographic proof of them. In years to come it will trigger wonderful memories as if they were yesterday.

I love the warmth in these photos, you can’t get better than outdoor locations around London when the weather is behaving!

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