Meet Tori, Marty, Owen and Amy. They used to be our neighbours. We used to pop into each other houses for coffee and play dates. We spent 6 years living next to each other…in those 6 years we had 4 children between us. They moved away recently and we miss them. In fact my 3 year old had a little cry at the dinner table last night because he had a sudden realisation that Amy wasn’t coming back to nursery. ┬áHe actually got sad and needed a cuddle.

When they decided they were moving we organised a little photo session their house. I wanted to give them something to remind them of their old house and how much fun they had there. It was so nice to photograph them…I hope they look back on their time here in South East London with fond memories and although I know we’ll see each other again soon it’s hard not to miss them terribly and feel sad that it’s the end of an era!

I wish them all the luck and happiness in the world in their new home.


We miss you guys!