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I arrived late. I really hate being late. Though Saskia and her partner were super cool about it, what is to be done when traffic is at a complete standstill due to the tunnel being closed.

Anyway, Oliver greeted me warmly whilst he was having a snack. He showed me around his room and then back into the living room where he showed me his ninja puzzle skills. Having the usual chat with Mum and Dad whilst photographing away I found out that they’re both super musical. I found out how talented they were later in the session. It was a first; having front row seats to a pretty special rendition of the James Bond theme tune. Oliver seemed to enjoy it too, helping Dad out with a strum here and there (in the right places it sounded to us!)

Relaxed family photos

After out little jam session we headed out for a walk by the river. Strolling the narrow streets of Limehouse. A super fun session that I’ll remember for a long time.

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