I pulled my car up on the street that Emer and her family live on… I wasn’t sure which house it was. That was until I seen two very excited girls looking out the window calling my name! I knocked on the door and I was greeted so warmly by the two loveliest girls I ever did meet! Very confident and smiley and I knew they would be a pleasure to work with and they didn’t let me down.  Emer and Theo have an amazing house, full of great furniture and big windows in the kitchen perfect for photographing them. The girls gave me a taste of my own medicine by turning their cameras on me, I’m sure they’ll treasure those pictures forever!

It’s obvious the girls Blanaid and Maeve adore their little brother Art, and right so he’s gorgeous look at that smiley face!

The tutu in the second rocking horse picture is by Pure & Innocent

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