We arrived in Greenwich Park just as the rain started. Not a huge problem, we took the opportunity to grab a coffee in The Pavilion Cafe and get to know each a bit. The rain didn’t last long, so as soon as we could, we nipped out to the flower garden and got stuck in to the shoot. We took some beautiful family shots in the flower garden before heading to the long grass over on the west side of the park. Risking wet bums, I asked these guys if they were happy to sit down and lucky they were up for it! ┬áMy absolute all time favourite photos are ones like these, so perfectly natural and relaxed. They had a lot of fun together, it’s a privilege to capture family moments like these ones. I feel like life is a constant rush, so taking an opportunity to just sit and enjoy each others company is important. There’s so much love in these images, I hope you enjoy them! andrea-whelan-photography-7 andrea-whelan-photography-9 andrea-whelan-photography-10 andrea-whelan-photography-14 andrea-whelan-photography-18 andrea-whelan-photography-19 andrea-whelan-photography-23 andrea-whelan-photography-24 andrea-whelan-photography-25 andrea-whelan-photography-26 andrea-whelan-photography-27 andrea-whelan-photography-28 andrea-whelan-photography-29 andrea-whelan-photography-30 andrea-whelan-photography-33 andrea-whelan-photography-35 andrea-whelan-photography-36 andrea-whelan-photography-37 andrea-whelan-photography-38 andrea-whelan-photography-39 andrea-whelan-photography-40