The Belvedere in Holland Park Wedding Photography

Roy and Nonita, a couple living in New York, came to London to celebrate their wedding with their English/Irish family. An celebrate they did!! No hanging about after the meal and speeches… the dancing started as it meant to go on, and it didn’t stop!

The Belvedere in Holland Park

A stunning venue. The Belvedere in Holland Park, dates back to the 17th century. None looked right at home in the ballroom. Wearing her Grandmothers headpiece she oozed class and sophistication. Her wedding gown had been worn before too… at their main wedding in Chile a few weeks before. A beautiful video of the whole wedding played during the dinner, so they could relive the day with their European family and friends ¬†who couldn’t make it.

Before the superb 3 course meal, I took the bride and groom outside for some portraits. These guys made it far too easy for me being so so ridiculously gorgeous and in love! It took no time at all to get the stunning shots below.

Next came the dancing. Lots of dancing! Chilean, Irish and English folk know how to have a good time! I’d delighted with the fun and laughter in these images. I hope you like them too.


Roy and Noni-1Roy and Noni-2The Belvedere Holland Park wedding photographerThe Belvedere Holland Park wedding photographerRoy and Noni-5The Belvedere Holland Park Roy and Noni-7Roy and Noni-8Roy and Noni-12Roy and Noni-13The Belvedere Holland Park wedding photographerRoy and Noni-16Roy and Noni-17Roy and Noni-19Holland Park Wedding PhotographyHolland Park wedding photographerThe Belvedere Holland Park wedding photographerRoy and Noni-23Roy and Noni-24Roy and Noni-25The Belvedere Holland Park wedding photographerRoy and Noni-27Roy and Noni-28Roy and Noni-29Roy and Noni-30Roy and Noni-31Roy and Noni-32Roy and Noni-33Roy and Noni-34Roy and Noni-35Roy and Noni-37Roy and Noni-38Roy and Noni-39Roy and Noni-40Roy and Noni-41Roy and Noni-42Roy and Noni-43Roy and Noni-44Roy and Noni-45Roy and Noni-46Roy and Noni-47Roy and Noni-48Roy and Noni-49Roy and Noni-50Roy and Noni-51Roy and Noni-52Roy and Noni-54Roy and Noni-55Roy and Noni-56Roy and Noni-57Roy and Noni-58Roy and Noni-59Roy and Noni-60Roy and Noni-61Roy and Noni-62Roy and Noni-63Roy and Noni-64Roy and Noni-66Roy and Noni-67Roy and Noni-68Roy and Noni-69Roy and Noni-70Roy and Noni-71Roy and Noni-72Roy and Noni-73Roy and Noni-74Roy and Noni-75Roy and Noni-76Roy and Noni-77Roy and Noni-78Roy and Noni-79Roy and Noni-80Roy and Noni-81Roy and Noni-82