This Lifestyle Family Photo Shoot in Blackheath happened because Sarah contacted me as she wanted to book one of my Mothers Day mini sessions, they had just moved house so were still settling in but we had great fun in the kids bedrooms, the kitchen (no rooms are off limits!) the garden and then the heath.

We started off in the most beautiful little girls bedroom, with a fabulous bay window! We played tea parties, dolls house and read some beautiful books! We also travelled the world on  the prettiest map that adorns her wall!
Once, baby had woken up we moved into his room and played on bikes and with hats before we moved to the kitchen and made a pizza for lunch!! Well, we got as far as throwing flour all over the place – which was just as much if not more fun! After that we retired to the garden for a swing on the tree and then to the heath to play in the flowers.


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