Century Club Soho Wedding Photography

Mathilde and Keith found me through their friends Rob and Angelina, whose wedding I shot last year. After an initial meeting earlier in the year I was very excited to shot this wedding. Mathilde and Keith promised it was going to be fun and they didn’t disappoint! On the morning of the wedding, on what felt like the hottest day of the year, I met with Mathilde at The Piccadilly, a boutique hotel in the West End and two doors down from the wedding venue. When I arrived the bride-to-be was having her make-up done by the lovely Laura Anne Hair and Make-up. She looked absolutely stunning! Mathilde’s Mum, Grandmother and best friend/maid of honour were with her. I took the dress for some shots while the make-up had the finishing touches applied. Mathilde was very calm and collected, she slipped into her dress and made her way along a bustling Shaftesbury Avenue to the wedding venue, where she met with Eleni (Century Club), who organised the whole day with the greatest of ease.

I left Mathilde with her family and bridesmaid while I slipped back to the hotel. Keith had arrived and was getting into his suit with his best man James. He had already been given a letter from his wife-to-be that morning and I could see emotions were running high already. A quick wrestle with this tie and he was ready to marry his love.

Century Club Soho

Back at the venue, a private members club with a fabulous rooftop terrace, the bride and groom were kept a safe distance from each other until the ceremony began. The ceremony room is beautiful as you will see, an unusual ceiling adds a certain dramatic feel. Decorated beautifully it was perfect for these guys. Their family and friends looked on as emotional readings and vows took place. These two were so excited to to marry each other they even ran back down the aisle before receiving their official certificate. It was very cute and funny seeing the look on the registrars faces!

The speeches were some of the best I’ve heard yet and the party… well the party was definitely unique. I LOVE when guests get involved straight away. It helps when you have talented friends performing.

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