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Richmond Park – London Family Photographer 

London Family Photographer

Richmond Park – London Family Photographer

Debbie got in touch with me to buy a family photo session for a big birthday for her childhood friend Nicola and her family. What a lovely friend!

Nicola messaged me to book the session and asked for some suggestions on where to have the session. I’m based in South East London but I enjoy travelling all over the city and finding new locations. I’d been to Richmond a few times and always wanted to visit the park… I asked Nicola if they would like to travel there and luckily she agreed. I’m so pleased she did as I love these images, taken in November there was still some leaves on the trees, just about, and it was FREEZING! The boys didn’t feel it too much as they did lots of running around, climbing trees and den building. A perfect Saturday morning for them.
The images we got are very relaxed and fun and everything I would hope to get from a family photo session in Richmond Park. If you’d like to book a session here or anywhere else in London and the surrounding areas then do get in touch – contact@andreawhelan.com – I’d love to hear from you.

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