Have I ever told you about WHY I do this job?

Well, actually more about why I love making photographs for families. It’s a pretty personal and emotional post coming up, though today is national Time to Talk day so it’s allowed, right?

Here it is… the reason I love making photos


A simple photo of myself and my mother. I cried when I seen this for the first time a few years ago. There are probably more/ better photos of us somewhere, though not many (3rd child woes). This one spoke to me because of the simplicity of the moment and the deepness of the emotions it stirred. Even now, as a grown ass woman it’s important to feel that love, security and closeness and I never want to lose those feelings. 

Here’s another reason…

Taken the same day, a picture with my father. A rare sunny day in Ireland so the camera came out! These photos are solid proof that we existed as a family in the 80’s.

If we don’t have memories, for instance the time when we’re babies or even years before we’re born then we have photos. They fill the gaps. They tell the story. They shape our existence and the ideas we possess about ourselves. They are evidence of a life lived, a character that is familiar or unfamiliar to us. 


My parents before they had any children!

Photos can bring happiness and sometimes they bring sadness. We can hang them on the wall for a daily reminder or we can put them away for a day when we’re ready for them. Although if we don’t take the photos we don’t have the choice.

I know for some people it can seem like the last thing you need to tick off the list. I’m thinking about the next generation though, my kids kids and their kids. Who will want to piece together their family tree and their childhood, and what better way to do it than with beautiful, honest moments frozen in time. They will become the keeper of your family’s memories.

I’m trying hard to do this for my boys, to get in the picture with them.  A camera can capture so much more than that snapshot, when their minds could easily forget. If they can look back at photos of us and feel half as much emotion as I do when I look at those above then I’ll be happy.