Winter Wedding at The Trafalger Tavern – Greenwich Wedding Photographer

An email landed in my inbox back in October. It was from Debra, mentioning she’s seen me recommended in a Facebook group many times for my family portrait work. Debra was looking for a wedding photographer and as I do a limited number of weddings each year, I suggested we meet up. A week later at a local cafe I found out about the plans she had for the big day. I was gripped and knew instantly that I wanted to be their photographer.

A couple of days after Christmas I packed up my work bag and headed off to their home to start capturing their wedding. When I arrived, Debra was having her make up done and it was all very relaxed and easy going… a glass of champagne here and here and fresh pastries to snack on. The preparations were fully under way! Daren was getting ready just a few doors down in Debra’s sisters house – a bit busier as the kids were there having lunch. I popped my head in as they were about to leave for the venue – The Trafalgar Tavern  – cabs were waiting and there was plenty of last minute ‘have we got everything?’ ‘No we don’t’ ‘Quick grab this…’ though they got off on their journey and arrived in plenty of time to have a stiff drink before things really took off.

The day carried on without a hitch, little Nia walked down the aisle after her Mummy and nearly stole the show from her folks. The ceremony was an emotional but happy event and the speeches were cracking!