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I’m Andrea, a family photographer in London. I want to help you to create unique timeless photographs that you will treasure forever. I also want ‘you’ in them! I believe that your children will appreciate photos of you when they are older as much as you appreciate photos of them when they are younger. As your family portrait photographer I want to give you a collection of images that are defined by their relaxed yet elegant style, and that is a true reflection of your family as it is now.

I’m also passionate about passing on what I have learnt over the years, the tricks I use to find amazing light, tell stories through beautiful composition and take control of the camera! I offer 1-2-1 mentoring sessions and beginners photography courses in London. If you’d like to arrange a chat with me, I’d really love to hear from you. You can find out more about the family sessions, the way I work and what to expect in me here.

There are two pages on here that sum me and why I do this job up perfectly. In a nutshell.  The offical About me page and the ‘why I do this’ page. If you’d prefer to have a chat and find all that out just give me a call on 07793053318 or email me on

East London Family Photographer

East London Family Photographer It is all well and good when you have tonnes of the images of your spouse and children. Sure, occasional selfies are great in the moment but how timeless are they? Will we be able to access them in the next 20 years? That's why printing...

Greenwich Family Photographer

Photo albums and family portraits on the wall are some of the most important objects to us, and yet lots of us take them for granted. We often don’t realise the importance of family photographs until it is too late. A lot of us go looking for family photos when we...

Central London Newborn Family Photographer

Central London Newborn Family Photographer If you'd like to book your session or ask some questions - use this form. I'd love to hear from you. Instagram facebook Google+...

Chelsea Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

If you'd like to book your session or ask some questions - use this form. I'd love to hear from you. facebook Google+ Instagram...

Knightsbridge Family Photographer

Every family has a story to tell... what's yours? Maybe you're in the newborn stage, maybe you're 3 babies in to your family. Maybe both? Whatever stage you're at, it's a perfect time to tell your story. I want to show you how lovely your story is, it's hard to see...

South West London Family Photographer

So it's been a busy start to the year for me, personally that is. I like to take a bit of time off during January and somehow its turned into February and a bit of March too! We went skiing for the first time and to be honest, I suck at it! I need loads more lessons...

Richmond Park Photo Session

Family sessions that include the whole family are amongst some of my favourites. They are tricky to arrange of course, getting everyone together on one date can be a task and a half! If you manage to do it though, it's so worth it. Seeing Grandparents with...

Newborn Photography – East London

Lifestyle Family Photography in London I don't know about you but it took weeks before I felt comfortable leaving the house after having my first baby. I know it's not like that for everyone one but if it is, you're not alone, especially during those cold, dark winter...

London Family Photographer – Kings Cross

Kings Cross Family Photography Jose invited me to this home in N1C, London and it didn't go well. Not that you can tell from these images, these images are some of my favourites ever! The thing with children is, they are unpredictable. The thing with flu is, it can...

Spring Family Photography Greenwich

This session from Spring 2018 takes us through a session in the family home through to outdoors in Greenwich Park.

Andrea is an amazingly talented London photographer who allows the kids personalities to shine through her photos. She is also exceedingly patient and manages to capture brilliant photos – even when our 1 year old was starting to get tired.  We are so pleased to have such beautiful photos of our family.


Andrea’s touch with light is magical – she sprinkles it everywhere and her work has a distinctive quality that I’ve never before seen – AMAZING! 


Andrea has an eye for a beautiful a photo and really takes stunning pictures. I work a lot with professional photographers like Andrea and she’s definitely up there with the best. She’s warm and friendly too, which makes everyone feel at ease. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. Lisa

Twenty Eighteen Highlights


If you’re thing is sitting back with a cup of tea watching a video instead of scrolling through blog posts, then this is for you! A collection of my favourite images from last year. It was an jam-packed, busy year but I loved meeting every single one of the families that invited me into their home. They invited me into their life for 2 hours, they trusted me to be their photographer, and I got to see their own unique magic. For that I am grateful.

Beginners Photography Courses in London

Beginner Photographer Course London
You can’t have a professional photographer with you all the time, so I want to teach you how to take better photos of your family. My workshops are taught in a jargon-free easy to understand way, using lots of visual examples and hands on practice. You’ll see results straight away!
Excellent and intimate class that is tailored round your camera and your own experience.  Andrea forces you to critique other photos and really question why certain photos work more than others which ultimately will make for better shooting. I found the balance between creative discussion on composition and technical learning about settings worked really well and kept me engaged for the whole session. Sara

I loved Andrea’s beginners photography workshop! Before the session I was intimidated by my DSLR camera and felt much safer using my iPhone to capture special moments as my baby son grows up. The first time I used my camera after the class I was amazed at how much better my photographs already were, just by concentrating on a few of the simple tips I learned. Now I just need to practice more! Anne


As a Greenwich Photographer I am well positioned in the city to travel all over London for family photo sessions. A lot of my sessions start in the home and then move onto an outdoor location nearby. Recently, I’ve worked in areas including Greenwich Park, Blackheath, Dulwich Park, Clapham, Chiswick House, Wandsworth, Richmond, Hampstead Heath, Kensington and Hackney. Having said that if you’ve seen my work and need a photographer somewhere else then get in touch, I’m happy to travel the country and even the world to capture your family photos.

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