I did it! After months of hard work and determination I finally won a prestigious and muchly sought after GOLD BAR from The Guild of Photographers .

I was at the park with a friend and our children when I found out and I’m sure I didn’t embarrass them at all with my wild reaction to the news! I was over the moon though, and I still am! It’s been a month and I still can’t believe I won it. As a photographer, and someone in the creative arena I do what I do for myself and my clients…that’s what gets me up int he morning. To get industry recognition is just out of this world and incredible considering the amount of people from all over the country that enter that competition!! I am so honoured that internationally recognised photographers critiqued my image and thought it was worth a Gold Bar. The Guild of Photographers describe a Gold bar image as an image¬†of particular distinction at a professional level – they are very rare!

Here is the very image