Beginner’s Photography Course For Parents

Would you like to take better photos of your children?


I can help you! I’ll teach you in an easy to understand way using lots of visual examples and hands on practice


Understand Light

You’ll be able to instantly recognise beautiful light, indoors and outdoors using the simple tricks I’ll show you.


We’ll discuss why certain compositions work and how to create visual interest within you photos, giving maximum impact straight away!

Take control of your camera

I’ll show you how to get out of auto and start making the most of your DSLR. Looking at ISO and aperture, I’ll show you the simple settings you need to know to start taking great photos straight away.


Creating and recognising moments is a skill in itself! I’ll show you how to find the beauty in your everyday routine. Creating an honest and beautiful record of your family life.

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Luckily, I get to do this job full time, as a result I’ve photographed over 250 families in and around London over the last few years. A lot of the families I work with are parents with a great eye for photography. They know what they like, they appreciate photos that are stylish, honest and creative. 

That’s why they hire me! 

Invariably, I’m only with each family for about 2 hours a year! Which is great but there are lots of moments that are just as beautiful and important as the professionally taken photos. The moments that only Mum and Dad are there for. If only it was that easy though… if only you could make head or tail of the camera manual. If only you had the time or inclination to gain a degree in photography (or at least that’s how it feels!) just so you can take beautiful photos of your children growing up.

Well, now you don’t need to! I want to pass on what I’ve learnt over the years, the tricks I use to find amazing light, tell stories through beautiful composition and take control of the camera! If you think this what you’ve been looking for, a simple way to learn all the tricks for taking better photos

I enjoyed the relaxed informal approach, I felt completely comfortable with the fact I had no previous knowledge of the camera or proper photography. I had not expected or appreciated how important the light is and how much information and pointers you would give us, this has really made me think about how I take photos and how I position myself and not just what I’m taking.
- Shann

I really enjoyed the class and learnt an awful lot, so thank you again. The lecture was very well delivered and the material / topics covered were exactly what I was hoping for when I signed up. It was a good balance between creative and technical tips.
- Mike

I have recently attended a ‘Photography for Parents Workshop’ hosted by Andrea Whelan and would encourage any photo-keen parents to do the same! It is a fantastic opportunity to improve your photography skills, without having to get too immersed in technical details.  Andrea has a real passion for creating beautiful family pictures and simply wants to give you the tools to create your own captivating memories.

- Rachael

Shall we?