It’s easy, take them to All Fired Up ceramics cafeĀ in Dulwich.

Here’s a few pictures of the resident artist, hard at work!
Half term 'what to do with the kids' ideas

Half term 'what to do with the kids' ideas

You’ll be glad to hear it’s not just kids that love ceramics! Here’s a couple of customers who popped in to pick up their teapot and mugs.. they look super happy with their creations!


Not just a great ceramics cafe but an awesome venue for kids parties too!


Or if you need space for your kids classes (ballet, singing, signing, photography) this room at the back is perfect!


The cafe is run by the super creative and lovely Toni and her foodie husband Fabio. Together they make this cafe stand out from the rest!

You can also check out their unforgettable kids party over Punk Me Up Buttercup!