Gift Ideas for him/her/them/you/me


The Ultimate Photography Gift Guide

1) Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer  £109 – Your favourite moments captured on the phone, posted to social media, loved, liked and lurked over… and then relegated to a lonely digital folder for an eternity. That’s sad. Don’t make the photos sad. Make them come to life using this snazzy bluetooth printer. Using no ink!!!! (wait…what?)

2)  Kiko Frames £14 – So you’ve made happy photos. Yay! Make them feel extra special with a fancy Kiko Frame. I LOVE Kiko frames and your photos will too.

3) Camera Necklace  £17 – As quoted from Etsy “This is the cutest camera I have ever seen! A little heart is in place of the lens to express the love of capturing memories. Perfect gift for photographers or those just in love with their cameras and capturing the beauty in the world.” It’s the cutest she’s ever seen… c’mon guys, EVER seen!

4) Tattoos £3 – Scare the bejesus out of your other half and put these on yourself. The reaction will be priceless, before they realise they’re not real of course. Then they might just think you’re weird.

5) Lens Cup £9 – Just make sure the coffee in it looks better than in that picture!

6) A Decent Portrait Lens £132 – Ask any photographer.

7) A Fancy Camera £459 – Go all out. Go on.

8) Cookie cutters $18 – Of course, these are worth ordering in from America. They’re camera shaped cookie cutters. Jeeze.

9) Photo Top for the little one £14 – It’s not just the big people that look good with a camera on them.

10) A camera strap  £20 – This could be a winner!



Okay it’s not an ultimate list. There’s still 10 good solid gift ideas there though!

Of course, the ULTIMATE gift would be a gift certificate for a session with me. It could be a family photography session or it could be a beginners photography session.

Choose your gift…