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Winter family photo shoot in Greenwich

You may think waiting ’till summer to have your family photo session is best, but I’m sure these photos will convince you otherwise! Taken in January, it was nicely sunny but freshly crisp, otherwise know as ‘very’ cold! Though we wrapped up warm and made use of the seasons accessories. Harper won in that respect, the rest of us couldn’t pull of the bunny hat quite so well!
I’m delighted to bring these photos to you and show you how lucky we are to have beautiful changing seasons in this part of the world. Yes, Autumn is stunning, hanging on to the end of the golden summer sun. Spring and summer are great because everyone’s getting out and about and the days are longer and really, the list is endless! However, Winter is one of favourite seasons (it’s right up there in the top four!) When else can you near enough have the whole park to yourself? When else do you appreciate having a warm cuppa afterwards? When else do you get to rush home and defrost yourself up by the cosy fire!?

In terms of your family photos, Winter is ideal, when the sun is shining as it’s still fairly low in the sky and therefore beautifully flattering. There are hardly any crowds, there are cute accessories and of course there is the crispy frosty air which just lends itself perfectly to great images.

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