A year of Family Photography in London

A year of Family Photography in London

2016 was an epic year. I’ve created a video of my favourite images from the last 12 months, grab a cuppa and have a watch of the video or if you’d prefer you can scroll through them at your own pace below. Leave a comment below or share this page with your friends

Cheers and I look forward to see you in 2017!



Dulwich Family Photographer

Kicking off the year with a family session in Dulwich, no room is left out when it comes to shooting in your home. As the kitchen is the central hub to most homes it’s only right we take some shots in there too.

Dulwich photo session in January

Greenwich Pregnancy Photographer

This powerful image of Swati in Greenwich Park

Maternity session in February

Greenwich Baby Photographer

Freja turned 1 on the day of her second portrait session with me. This birthday photo session started off outdoors but it was freezing so we took shelter in The Maritime Museum. I got down on the floor with her and grabbed this shot as she flew over to me on her hands and knees.

Greenwich in March

Limehouse family photographer

When you tun up to a photo session and both parents are musicians, I couldn’t leave without hearing a tune…

limehouse childrens photographer

We took a stroll soon after the spontaneous family gig and this happened. I love the movement and textures in this shot

Limehouse family photo session back in March

W5 newborn photographer London

Easily, one of my all time favourite shots, not just from the past year. The intimate connection here only happens when everyone lets go, forgets why they’re there and just embraces the moment. The squishy baby face, the protective arm, the tender kiss, the doting look. I can’t ask for anything more in a family photo.

Ealing family portrait taken in April

Wimbledon Lifestyle Photographer

Perfect action shot.

Wimbledon Childrens Photographer

Perfect simplicity.

Wimbledon family April

Greenwich Childrens Photographer

When parents get stuck in. Properly, under the bedsheets kid of stuck in.

Lifestyle, Greenwich,  April

Family photo session Greenwich Park

My clients embrace non-traditional family portraits and I thank them for that, from the bottom of my heart

Greenwich, shot in April

Kensington Family photographer

Sometimes photos work best

SW7 Family Photographer Kensington SW7 childrens photographer

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Family Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London Photographer

Family Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London Photographer

Family Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London Photographer

Debbie got in touch with me because she wanted some beautiful family photos. Usually, people come to me and are not sure about where they’d like to have their session but Debbie was sure she wanted it in Dulwich Park. I was delighted! I’d never had a shoot in Dulwich Park before and as it’s just up the road from me it was even more perfect.

After an initial reschedule because of bad weather, when we got there it was still drizzling. They got to watch me trying to park my car unto a space was far too small… a great way to get them giggling unintentionally! Luckily they had a huge umbrella with them, though sods law, it stopped raining and started to brighten up as soon as I arrived. We were not complaining!

We barely entered the park and stopped them for the first shot, I could tell they were kind of apprehensive, having never had a family photo session before. However, what could more easy than have a BIG squishy cuddle with your loved ones. Easing them into it, and the rest was a breeze!

I just LOVE this session and I hope you enjoy looking through this set too. If you’d like to see more sessions like this then please have a look at my blog 

Family Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London PhotographerFamily Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London Photographer2015-12-08_0004Family Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London Photographer2015-12-08_00062015-12-08_0007Family Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London PhotographerFamily Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London PhotographerFamily Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London Photographer2015-12-08_00112015-12-08_0012Family Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London PhotographerFamily Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London Photographer2015-12-08_00152015-12-08_0016Family Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London PhotographerFamily Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London Photographer2015-12-08_0019Family Photo Session in Dulwich Park | London Photographer2015-12-08_0021