South London Lifestyle Family Photography

South London Lifestyle Family Photography

A gifted family photography session doesn’t get much better than this! I’m the luckiest person in the world when it comes to clients. I get the best ones. The ones are happy to go with the flow and see how it unfolds. Most of them are creatives themselves so trust in that out of nothing can come something amazing. I don’t arrive to shoots with a set idea of how things will go because I know your family is different. Your family is unique, your home is too so the results will not be like any other. South London Lifestyle Family Photography

The lovely family featured below were moving home and their parents gifted them a photography session in what was soon going to be their ‘first family home in London’. The home where they brought their children into the world. The memories wrapped in those four walls will be treasured forever. That’s why I love to photograph families in their home. When the children grow up, they’ll have photographs that jog untold memories of their first ever home. 

Keep scrolling to see the fun we had. We even did a murder scene. Come on, that’s as much weird as it is brilliant and I love them for suggesting it! What unusual family portrait would you suggest during your session?

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South London Newborn Family Photographer

South London Newborn Family Photographer

My second shoot with this adorable family looked a lot like…

Lifestyle family portraits London That window light was to die for. M and her Daddy having a little looksie at how cold it is! I’m all for shooting on cold days. I mean, we don’t have to go out in it, nah! just stay at home, where it’s nice and cosy. black and white photography London Where we can snuggle up…sibling photo session newborn family session sibling family photography session sibling photography  newborn family photography

South London Newborn Family Photographer newborn photographer london Have a cheeky smooch…And a giggle of course… family portrait photographer london black and white family portraits And another cuddle… lifestyle family photographer Blimey, we can’t laugh enoughlifestyle family photographer  london childrens family photographer I’ll even allow you to sleep if my jokes are not up to standard london newborn photographer relaxed newborn photographs newborn photography lifestyle family photography It won’t last long… I’m *really* funny newborn photographer blackheath UK childrens photographer top uk childrens photographer family photographer london black and white family photographer

Eventually, I’ll leave…black and white portrait photography

I hope you enjoyed this session. Book yours now…

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Blackheath Maternity Photographer

Blackheath Maternity Photographer

Jade is my lovely, gorgeous niece. She’s 34 weeks pregnant with a baby girl who is bound to be equally as gorgeous, so I thought it was about time we took some photos of them! Just some really simple, relaxed shots so she can remember this precious time in her life. I love beautifully lit images that withstand the test of time. Jade was a complete natural in front of the camera. She was relaxed, calm and up for having a bit of a laugh. It really comes across in these shots below, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Pregnancy Photographer

Starting off in the bedroom, we really made the most of the gorgeous moody light peeking in through the window. The richness and warmth of the shots we got are reminiscent of fine art portraits. Not my usual lifestyle shots but I adore them just as much. We headed out to the local park around the corner and shot some relaxed lifestyle portraits too, we had the perfect mixture of cloud and sun so I got a verity of shots.

Soon, this wonderfully peaceful time that Jade is enjoying will be a distant memory and she’ll be up to her leaky nipples in nappies and dirty washing but loving life all the same 😉 (I can say that as she’s family!) also, let’s be honest the real problem here is the fact I will be a great-aunt in a few weeks time…Send Gin!

On a serious note, I am so pleased to present these pregnancy shots of Jade. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section below, I’d love to hear from you. Or if you’d like to book your photography session you can email me through the contact form on here or call me on 07793053318

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Clapham and Wandsworth Family Portrait Photographer

Clapham and Wandsworth Family Portrait Photographer

Clapham and Wandsworth Family Portrait Photographer

November is a great time to have you family photo session, though you need to make sure to wrap up warm, you cannot beat the light and the autumnal colour in London at this time of year. It’s also a great time of year to get those photos ready for your Christmas card. Sophia showed off her cute reindeer jumper for this years family cards. Not even the cute polar bear could outshine her, though as as pair they might just tip the scale of cuteness.

We took lots of gorgeous shots in her mum an dads bedroom, even inviting them in for a couple. This gorgeous lot make the most beautiful family and although Sophia was a busy little lady who wanted to show off her walking skills we managed some amazing shots of them all.

Living in Clapham means they are perfectly located between lots of great outdoor spaces close by. We chose to visit Wandsworth Common that day and I’m glad we did, it was absolutely freezing and super windy too so we near enough had the whole place to ourselves! I hope you enjoy these photos, I think you’ll agree that Sophia has the most amazing, beautiful smile!

If you’d like to book a session like this, get in touch soon, I’d love to hear from you!

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A year of Family Photography in London

A year of Family Photography in London

2016 was an epic year. I’ve created a video of my favourite images from the last 12 months, grab a cuppa and have a watch of the video or if you’d prefer you can scroll through them at your own pace below. Leave a comment below or share this page with your friends

Cheers and I look forward to see you in 2017!



Dulwich Family Photographer

Kicking off the year with a family session in Dulwich, no room is left out when it comes to shooting in your home. As the kitchen is the central hub to most homes it’s only right we take some shots in there too.

Dulwich photo session in January

Greenwich Pregnancy Photographer

This powerful image of Swati in Greenwich Park

Maternity session in February

Greenwich Baby Photographer

Freja turned 1 on the day of her second portrait session with me. This birthday photo session started off outdoors but it was freezing so we took shelter in The Maritime Museum. I got down on the floor with her and grabbed this shot as she flew over to me on her hands and knees.

Greenwich in March

Limehouse family photographer

When you tun up to a photo session and both parents are musicians, I couldn’t leave without hearing a tune…

limehouse childrens photographer

We took a stroll soon after the spontaneous family gig and this happened. I love the movement and textures in this shot

Limehouse family photo session back in March

W5 newborn photographer London

Easily, one of my all time favourite shots, not just from the past year. The intimate connection here only happens when everyone lets go, forgets why they’re there and just embraces the moment. The squishy baby face, the protective arm, the tender kiss, the doting look. I can’t ask for anything more in a family photo.

Ealing family portrait taken in April

Wimbledon Lifestyle Photographer

Perfect action shot.

Wimbledon Childrens Photographer

Perfect simplicity.

Wimbledon family April

Greenwich Childrens Photographer

When parents get stuck in. Properly, under the bedsheets kid of stuck in.

Lifestyle, Greenwich,  April

Family photo session Greenwich Park

My clients embrace non-traditional family portraits and I thank them for that, from the bottom of my heart

Greenwich, shot in April

Kensington Family photographer

Sometimes photos work best

SW7 Family Photographer Kensington SW7 childrens photographer

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South London Family Portrait Photographer

South London Family Portrait Photographer

I’m trying to catch up on myself after the most hectic spring and summer. This is a shoot from earlier in the year that I never got round to blogging! Yin and Doug invited me into their gorgeous home in Tooting to capture some relaxed family portraits. The pleasure was all mine.

We started off in the living room, which was full with beautiful light. We didn’t have to work hard to get Lia to smile as this girl was full of the joys. She loved having Mummy and Daddy give her their undivided attention while I captured the beautiful moments on my camera. Books, trains, bricks and rocking horses made for great activities to encourage that huge beaming smile that we see so often int he photos below.

South London Family Portrait Photographer

We followed Lia upstairs to her parents bedroom, where Mummy’s make-up is kept. She loved inspecting all the perfumes and powders on the dressing table, her favourite being the Tom Ford perfume… can’t say I blame her! After some tickles on the bed and a tour of her own bedroom we headed outside to the garden and finally the local park. I hope you enjoy looking through these images, they are a perfect example of a photography session with me. No gimmicks, just Mum and Dad playing with their little one at home. Everyday stuff, caught on camera in the most natural, honest way. The result is a set of beautiful pictures capturing the love between them.

If you’d like to book your photography session at home please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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