Relaxed Family Portraits – London Photographer

Relaxed Family Portraits – London Photographer

Relaxed Family Portraits – London Photographer

This was my second shoot with Nicole and her gorgeous family. The first one was when they lived in London and had just 1 boy. Now they have 3 and have moved to the countryside. Sevenoaks is the countryside right?!

It was so lovely to see them all enjoying the hot summer in their huge garden. The bigger boys face planting the trampoline whilst the small one slept peacefully in the shade of the playroom. These guys are living the dream and if they happen to come into any trouble they have their very own superhero/s to save the day.

These are my most favourite kind of photo sessions. Relaxed and fun and it feels like seeing old friends.

Nicole has a lovely blog that you should check out full of poems and other lovely things about parenthood and life.

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South London Lifestyle Family Photography

South London Lifestyle Family Photography

A gifted family photography session doesn’t get much better than this! I’m the luckiest person in the world when it comes to clients. I get the best ones. The ones are happy to go with the flow and see how it unfolds. Most of them are creatives themselves so trust in that out of nothing can come something amazing. I don’t arrive to shoots with a set idea of how things will go because I know your family is different. Your family is unique, your home is too so the results will not be like any other. South London Lifestyle Family Photography

The lovely family featured below were moving home and their parents gifted them a photography session in what was soon going to be their ‘first family home in London’. The home where they brought their children into the world. The memories wrapped in those four walls will be treasured forever. That’s why I love to photograph families in their home. When the children grow up, they’ll have photographs that jog untold memories of their first ever home. 

Keep scrolling to see the fun we had. We even did a murder scene. Come on, that’s as much weird as it is brilliant and I love them for suggesting it! What unusual family portrait would you suggest during your session?

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3 + 11 =

South London Newborn Family Photographer

South London Newborn Family Photographer

My second shoot with this adorable family looked a lot like…

Lifestyle family portraits London That window light was to die for. M and her Daddy having a little looksie at how cold it is! I’m all for shooting on cold days. I mean, we don’t have to go out in it, nah! just stay at home, where it’s nice and cosy. black and white photography London Where we can snuggle up…sibling photo session newborn family session sibling family photography session sibling photography  newborn family photography

South London Newborn Family Photographer newborn photographer london Have a cheeky smooch…And a giggle of course… family portrait photographer london black and white family portraits And another cuddle… lifestyle family photographer Blimey, we can’t laugh enoughlifestyle family photographer  london childrens family photographer I’ll even allow you to sleep if my jokes are not up to standard london newborn photographer relaxed newborn photographs newborn photography lifestyle family photography It won’t last long… I’m *really* funny newborn photographer blackheath UK childrens photographer top uk childrens photographer family photographer london black and white family photographer

Eventually, I’ll leave…black and white portrait photography

I hope you enjoyed this session. Book yours now…

10 + 5 =

Beckenham Family Photographer

Beckenham Family Photographer

Beckenham Family Photographer

Antonella turned 1 recently and her parents Wen and Juan invited me around to capture some relaxed family photos. When I arrived at their home Antonella was still sleeping, so I had a lovely cup of tea with them and their visitors. Juan’s parents were visiting from Argentina so I got to show off my Spanish speaking skills (which are entirely non existent, but I get points for trying!)

Luckily, Antonella awoke from her nap and saved them all from me! This little cutie pie was full of smiles and even put her arms out to me for a cuddle, so I responded by putting my arms out for a cuddle too. She changed her mind fairly quickly but I marked that one down as acceptance and a great start to the shoot.

The smiles flowed easily when we started shooting in her parents bedroom although it’s not surprising when you see all the attention she was getting from my helpers behind the camera. You can see for yourself in the behind-the-scenes shot 5-6 photos down…

As a Beckenham Family photographer I try to capture each family’s uniqueness, in a relaxed easy going way. I just love the photos we got below and I hope you do too! Inviting Grandparents to join in on a portrait session is a great idea. If you’d like to see more family portrait sessions have a look around my recent posts, check out my favourites images from last year in the video on the front page or you can follow me on my favourite social media platforms Facebook and Instagram

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